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This is me

      Growing up on a secluded, old fashioned country estate with older brothers who had better things to do than amuse an irritating little brother, I soon found something called 'reading'.

       I was late coming to reading; as a young child, I was many years behind my peers. It took extra lessons and an enthusiastic teacher to push me and after finding The Moomins, I raced ahead.

      By the time I was ten, most of my time was spent up a tree with a varied succession of books. It was a short time later I started turning my hand to writing. 

      Life progressed and employment bought my soul, from retail and into the civil service, I still wrote for fun. It was only after leaving the Ministry of Defence I began to look at publishing. Six months living off my bank balance, Her Name is James was self published and within 18 months, that was followed by The Gypsy's Lie and the Dark Angel trilogy.

      Now I'm aiming higher, I've learnt a lot and the latest work is leaner, tighter and more inclined to attract an agent (fingers crossed).

            Through all this hope and optimism, I'm supported by my wife of 25 years and 3 full grown sons. Currently living on the Hampshire / Surrey border in England, my eyes are ever optimistic to write for a living and shift my view to Snowdonia in the beauty of Wales.


        Dwarf-star magic series is progressing. Book one "Citizen" and a prequel, "The Ûtterbeck" have been completed as first drafts and are currently undergoing rewrites... heavy rewrites. 


"Don't worry when you are not recognised, 

but strive to be worthy of recognition."

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