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Seven days in Snowdonia prompts more stories!


Two tales I'd almost walked away from have returned with a vengeance;

One is a story of four Welsh teenagers who need a moment of self respect. They choose to climb Yr Wyddfa (Mount Snowdon) in memory of a friend who died. A noble intent but making the ascent in the snow of an October night and drunk may not be the best idea.


Then I have a story based on a Welsh fairy tale that I originally submitted as a screenplay... it had a couple of flaws in the story but this week has helped me resolve them.


And lastly... I've walked parts of a well plotted, well prepared story I have high hopes for. It could be a few years before this last tale is told but it should be worth waiting on; a post-apocalyptic fantasy that has it's roots in a very tangible history.


As ever, more stories fall on my back... I need more time!  :-D

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