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science fiction, scifi, bunker, nuclear, futuristic


CJ Heath


Fiction across multiple genres




Star Smith is fourteen and he has known no life except the underground world of the nuclear bunker he was born in two hundred years after the apocalypse.


Isra is a twelve year old girl who has grown up in the wastes after the nuclear winter. Though young, she is strong both mentally and physically.


The two distinctly different worlds collide when Star's first venture into the Outside results in his companions being massacred by the mutated northern cats. Isra rescues him and the two discover the world of the Bunker-born and the Outsiders are soon to be in conflict.

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 New work in progress.

    A science-fiction / fantasy series of books.



Undergoing a substantial rewrite : 24/04/2016

I write dark fantasy and lgbt coming of age fiction. Can be Gothic, romantic or transgender.

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