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Dark urban fantasy

          Angels and demons walk London's streets. The Spawn seek to bring damnation to souls and the Host do their all to thwart them. Between the light and the dark walks Rachael, the first of the dark angels. Dead for 600 years, her soul is too pure for Hell but too tainted for Heaven. 

          Refusing to involve herself in the affairs of other immortals, Rachael has been among us for a long time. Now circumstances are changing; a demon knows the richness of her ancient soul and should he manage to posses her, he will have the power to tear a hole through the dimension and bind Earth and Hell together.

          The ancient angel Briathos has sought to save Rachael's soul but now he must either draw her to the side of light or bring about her destruction. This is the pivotal time, now Rachael must choose to side with goodness or to flee into the void and her formless existence.

Book  1

dark angel, demon hell heaven kindle book urban fantasy gothic

Book  2

Hell on Earth, angel demon hell heaven urban fantasy gothic

Book  3

Lucifer angel demon urban fantasy gothic satanic occult

Complete trilogy

dark angel urban fantasy fiction gothic horror

angel demon gothic dark fantasy fiction kindle book satanic cult occult horror angel demon lucifer heaven hell end of days urban fantasy fiction demon fire hell fiery angel dark angel

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